Thursday, 14 February 2013


After what seems like months (19 days) of "taking it easy", I'm finally running again, thanks to the awesome people at Norwich Osteopathic Clinic. Not only did they fix my foot, they tolerated my internet self-diagnosis (I was right btw - smug face); they listened to my increasingly panicked training fears; they ignored the excessive quantities of fluff between my toes, and they talked me into signing up for the Black Dog Half Marathon (more about that later). HEROES. I can't recommend them highly enough. So, now I'm smiling again, I thought I'd share my good mood with you, my dedicated blog readers. AKA my Gran, and someone in Germany that stops by for a read most days (guten Abend!).  In the form of this. Lolz

*BTW = by the way
*Lolz = laughing out loudz

UPDATE: I have just been informed that in fact, this is a more accurate representation:

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