Wednesday, 21 November 2012

6 miles in

So this week has been pretty cool so far for a number of reasons: I started my "official" training plan on Tuesday - it's colour-coded and sellotaped to the fridge so you know I mean business. I'm gonna start crossing off the miles as I do them (like some kind of reverse advent calendar with pain instead of chocolate) starting from today... so erm 6 miles down, only another 581.7 to go ... easy! One day I'm going to sit down and figure out exactly how many calories that is, as I find it easier to imagine energy expenditure in terms of bags of onion rings than metres of pavement pounded. But not tonight - maths isn't my strong point and I have just returned from an evening out. Which brings me to reason two: tonight I sacrificed fun (and beer) for the first time in the name of running (in the rain no less) and an early night. I know right, high fives to me. Told you I was serious about this thing. I also just found out that a friend of mine got a marathon place, after a couple of years of trying, Yay for Paul! It's gonna be super nice having someone to chat to about manky toenails and nipple chafing. But of course I'll be sharing all of those joyous little events with you guys too, so don't worry about being left out. Plenty of moaning for everyone. Speaking of moaning, hopefully I'll be boring everyone a little less with tales from the physio - nearly 4 months after my accident, looks like I'm finally fixed. I had my last treatment session today and all being well, I won't be needing anymore. Happy days! Still keeping on with the ice packs though, this time with a little help from my furry assistant...


  1. Anonymous12:15

    I've made it into your blog...I feel honoured!!! Keep up the good work! Paul

  2. hahaha i think you might be my only reader... thanks dude, see you next week!

  3. Nah I'm reading them too